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From: Ed Shipe (litbisc@CROSSLINK.NET)
Date: 08/22/98

OasisOLC (and probably OBuild?) will patch and compile fine under
Win9x/WinNT (you should realy be running NT if this is going to be up a
lot).  I think you may be able to find *.zip files, or you can use winzip to
uncompress tgz, gz, and tar files.  The OLC+ that recently was posted is
Oasis with some spiffy add ons.  Also, you can snag the Cygnus Win32 Gnu
port which supports most the "unix" commands you need to de0al with it (and
I think its the only way to get 'patch' for long file names.

There a page by Shirak about windows circle that may help you out..

Unless you have / like Visual Studio, Borland, or the other "pay" compilers,
the Cygnus thing is probably the way to go.  Most of the available patches
are designed with a unix system in mind and this will give you a passable
BASH shell do work with plus Cirlce's autorun and logging feature work "Out
of the Box"


Tarlin @ Creeping Death (can we say alpha v. ..=:)..)

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From: Anthony Rye <ajrye@ONE.NET>
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Date: Saturday, August 22, 1998 4:48 AM
Subject: Re:  online editor

>On Thu, 21 Aug 1998, Dan Eader wrote:
>> this is my first post to the list, i am curious if there are any patches
for an
>> online editor for the windows based circlemud.  I have looked at the page
>> have only seen the the patches for unix.  I would love to have online
>> ports, it would save alot of time.
>i think all the files that are *.zip's are all for windows.
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