Re: dg script ideas

From: Dan Eader (deader@GTE.NET)
Date: 08/22/98

Thanks for the info on the online windows i have another
question.  I was wondering if anyone has a patch for a system to do away with
mana and prac points.  A system that makes you mem tics for for spells and
learn skills on the fly but go to the guildmaster to improve them by just
typing something like learn all or something to the equal.  On a mud i play on port 2700, they have a system like this.  where you get an
enlighten or skillful notice when you have practiced enough.  And the spell is
like you cast acid then the spell makes it something that you have to mem a tic
or to get it back to cast again.  And they also use spellbooks instead of
starting out with all the spells.  So you actually have to kill a mob to get a
spell thats higher than a circle 4 spell similar to d&d.

i apprecitate any info you could give me on this.

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