[CODE] [OLC] Mob Prog Help

From: Andrew Jones (andjones@MCI2000.COM)
Date: 08/22/98

Okie I add mprogs to my mud, and I am using Oasis1.6b, and for some reason
when creating a new mob, if you add mprogs to the new mob before exiting and
saving the mob, it won't save the mobprogs.  I've looked hard at the medit.c
code and I haven't found out what's wrong, or which line(s) are causing the
problem, so I won't post the entire file?  If you have any ideas please mail
the list, if you would like to look at the file and try and help determine
the error(s) please mail me at(andjones@mci2000.com.)  thank you in advance.

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