[CODE] Room depth

From: Yohay Etsion (yohay_e@NETVISION.NET.IL)
Date: 08/24/98

Hello again ,

I always thought that room depth
is a great idea , and I want to
implement it into my MUD.
The problem is that I only found
the file room_depth.zip which contains
only source files (which were obviously
added with the depth code).
Isn't there any snippet or patch to add
these changes manually ? It is quite hard
(for me) to find the changes in all these
files and patch my MUD without a good
patch or snippet.

Another question about the room-depth
thingy : I have OLC2+ installed in my
MUD , what changes will I have to make
in the OLC2+ code to match the room-depth
thing ?

Thanks in advance ,
Yohay Etsion

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