Re: Direction bugs

From: Chuck Reed (master@I-55.COM)
Date: 08/24/98

>Im having a problem with directions. Like look east etc,
>when I restart the mud it works fine, but after a while
>look <dir> stops working, it simply says You do not see that
>here when I try and look in a direction. Normally it should
>either say You see nothing special, or display the room exit descriptions.
>I also have problems with openening doors in directions. Open door east
>for example simply stops working after a while...
>this is driving me insane as Im unable to locate the bug, If any of you
>have experienced
>similar problems please email me, and Ill be very happy :)

Hmm.  When a door stops working, edit the room the door is in (if you have
olc) and check to see that the door's name is still in tact.  If it's not
the same as it was when the game booted (or something like @@@^^@&#), then
you have a memory overrun somewhere.  Wizlock or whatever your game to
where you are the only person that can log on.  Try single commands, then
try looking in that direction.  As soon as the direction stops working, the
command you issued before is most likely to have the memory probelm.  If
you're not much on finding that sort of thing, the list will help you out
with it.

Sorry if this is a bit unclear, just woke up from a long weekend, and my
brain isn't relaly working yet.

Chuck Reed

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