Re: Earthlink pages.

From: Del (caminturn@EARTHLINK.NET)
Date: 08/24/98

I figured I would let everyone know!!!

I put up OLC+V2 on my home page since it was being wasted and Tony was
emailing out the patch left and right. Now that more and more are after this
patch, I finially MADE a page to point to the files. (There was a default
page there since I never got around to making a page)

now has a page that points to the following files:

Also links to Circlemud (probably still down),
Alex's and George's page.

Eduo wrote:
> Hello.
> Tony gave me your address (earthlink address) to check out some fixes and
> stuff for Oasis OLC+ but I get a generic page. Is there some specific URL
> I should be entering?
> Eduo
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> Eduardo Gutierrez de Oliveira   Mythago//On   ICQ# 3824675
>  Centro de Investigacion  CIATEQ,A.C. -- MEXICO  Research Center Queretaro
> General Electric Center of Excellence   -    Manager of Information Systems

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