Re: Toggle command

From: Del Minturn (caminturn@EARTHLINK.NET)
Date: 08/24/98

ummm CircleMUD? Coding CircleMUD? There are several settings that are
not included with the toggle command. I thought I would share this with
everyone. Or am I just stupid to think that everyone knows this on thier

Hell I don't know.. maybe George or whoever would think (1% chance) that
it might be worth completing the toggle variables? Is it worth the 30+
seconds to cut and paste this into the stock code? I don't know.. It's
thier time and thier decision. (George, what ya think?)

What is your problem with people like me who are trying to improve
things like this. It may be small potatos to you.. But to MANY it may be
a kewl idea!

(I hope I did not offend anyone, there were no intentions to do so)

Thomas Pedersen wrote:
> What does this have to do with anything???
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Del Minturn <caminturn@EARTHLINK.NET>
> >I added this in to show some of the immortal toggles.
> >Just thought I would share this with everyone. I didn't make a diff,
> >just copied and pasted it here..
> >
> >ACMD(do_toggle)

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