Re: Direction bugs (Asking for Coder)

From: Fili (cybom@NETROPOLIS.NET)
Date: 08/25/98

Brandon Brown wrote:
> <<
> this probably isnt the best place to right this but im out of ideas.
> starting a new project RoT code base, looking for GOOD coder to help out
> with it.  email with info.
> thanks,
> parsnip
>                  >>
> Quite a few people have been asking for coders on this mailing list.  Of
> course, they're always very exact on what kind of coder they want... a *Good*
> coder.  To be honest, I think the majority of the people on this list already
> have a current project or their own MUD to be working on.  If you want a
> *Good* coder, go rtfm, and learn how to code for yourself.  Chances are you'll
> end up being a better coder than anybody who repsonds to your request.

Hehe! Really. You might want to grab a book on C or take a course in it
too.... That always helps. (Learn C in 21 days is supposed to be good
from what some of the people on my mud say :) )


This might be a really dumb question, but is there anything past
two_argument? Is there any way to do 4? or 5? (I'm using BPL 11 btw.
When you patch the source and all but 3 lines gets rejected (or so it
seems) you dont normally upgrade)


Ahh yes: if you use the clan code snippet off the _snippets site_ ,
PERSONALLY email me. I am doing an overhaul of it and am wondering
whether to release it or not. I emailed the author to get their
comments, but they didn't reply, sooo......

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