Re: PK Arena (need help)

From: Del Minturn (caminturn@EARTHLINK.NET)
Date: 08/25/98

How about setting a toggle for the player to turn that flag on and off?
And having PK flag only valid in PK zone (regarless if they are in
normal area's)

1. They can enter the zone with flag set or not.
  a. If not, they can not change the state while in PK zone. (code it)
     to look around and or witness fights. Maybe can not loot corpses
     if not flagged or get eq from mobs.
     And to prevent others from accidentally wandering into zone and
     getting killed.
  b. If flagged, all is fair game in the zone ONLY.
2. Only PK flagged people can kill PK flagged others..
3. Setting flag on self is double checked. Maybe have the exit rooms set
with a script or something to check PK flag, and if flagged send message
saying they are leaving area with PK flagged. Now would be a good time
to turn it off if you are leaving.

Just my two gold pieces worth. (damn, I wish I had a few GOLD pieces!)

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