Re: saving throw formulas

From: Mundi King (kingmundi@YAHOO.COM)
Date: 08/26/98

i believe ronny iversen has a good point,
i have worked on making exact formulas to match
various data sets for the circle mud code,
and have come up with some very close matches,
but the problem is the better they match, the more
complicated they look, and what if i want to change
the formula later because it is not producing the
results i want?  there is no easy way to tweak
the formula to make it match up

on the other end of the spectrum, the code for the
saving throw tables is unwieldly looking, and an
easier defined slimmed down formula would make things
more managable to look at, something i have looked
at to try and satisfy both sides is to make a very
basic addition formula, each class saving throws get
assigned two values




then to determine the value of the savig throw you
pass it through the formula similar to this simplistic

save = 90 - INIT - ( level * RATE )

this would save space in the code, and still be
easily managed to change saving throw results,
almost all the rates of change for the classes
lay within 1 to 2

on a small sidenote
there is one class that has a chart that is out of
the norm, cleric paralization

it seems to be the only class that has a huge jump
from level 1 to 2 to 3

i was wondering if perhaps the 60, 59 were typos
and should be 50, and 49

---Ronny Iversen <ronnyi@IFI.UIO.NO> wrote:
> hmm whats the big deal with all these formulas, its not like loking
up in a
> table takes an
> huge amount of computer processing power. So why not just stick with
> tables for easy
> reference instead of some obscure c formula :)
> Tables are easier to modify too, if you should feel one class is
> overbalanced... :)
> Nocturnal

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