Mental Endurance statistic

From: Bob P. Dobbs (slack@ACCESSCOM.COM)
Date: 08/26/98

Here's an idea... similar to psionic points but not quite.

How about mental endurance points, akin to HP or Mvmt points or mana.
Represents how good the character is feeling about life, security, self
confidence, etc.

Affects on this stat would be fear spells, being in a really oppressive
area like the lowest level of Hell, etc.  Could also be used for
browbeating shopkeepers (intimidation skill) for better deals on
items.  Positive efffects would
be something like getting away with some ridiculous feat (winning lottery,
stealing treasure from dragon and not getting incinerated).

Clerics could restore the points with 'restore confidence' spells or

cursed items like 'gauntlets of pathetic cowardice' could hose the

affects of low point value would be fleeing blindly, dropping items and
surrendering, giving better price on items, etc etc.

Just a thought-- anything like this done out there?  I was also thinking
that the 'drain energy' spell could be redone to be a 'fear' spell or

Bob 4000  (riven)

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