how do I tweak object without changing the proto type

From: Ronny Iversen (ronnyi@IFI.UIO.NO)
Date: 08/27/98

  struct obj_data *read_object(int nr, int type)
  struct obj_data *obj;
  int i,k,temp;
  send_to_all("Inside read proto object ");
  if (nr < 0) {
    log("SYSERR: trying to create obj with negative num!");
    return NULL;
  if (type == VIRTUAL) {
    if ((i = real_object(nr)) < 0) {
      sprintf(buf, "Object (V) %d does not exist in database.", nr);
      return NULL;
  } else
    i = nr;

  CREATE(obj, struct obj_data, 1);

  *obj = obj_proto[i];
  obj->next = object_list;
  object_list = obj;

  return obj;

Can somone please help me with this code. If I understood it right it
creates a new object and returns a pointer to it.
What I would like was to also make it tweak/change some of the values of
the object read without changing
the original  values of the proto someone please explain how this
stuff works, and what I need to change...

Nocturnal :)

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