Party (!HELP!)

From: Brett Williams (OKJinx@AOL.COM)
Date: 08/27/98

Ok. Gotta somehow base this off the group code. Party system, players can be
within a party and be not have to be following eachother and etc, the party
can have a unique name and is good when wanting to create a private channel. I
basically started designing it like a list.

struct party_type {
    struct char_data *member;
    struct party_type *next;

Which was included in char_data:
        struct party_type *party;
      struct char_data *p_leader;

I also needed the party name? Do I store this in char_data or party_type? What
do u think, which is safer? which is easier to call? Next. Creation of a party
... its all based  off the party command. "party form", "party add", "party
kick", etc. Form checks if player has been flagged PLR_PARTY, if so, if they
are the leader or not. Creates the party, etc. U get the idea.

I'm having troubles ... I've got name in party_type now, trying it in
char_data, but I need to find a way I can sort thru the list? I've got the
code now... using a for to go thru k->party, f->next, etc. but I'm fried an
this is really confusing. Anyone help me out? Private email perhaps? I don't
care I jus wanna get this working. Thanx


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