Re: [IDEA] External argument parser

From: Andrey Fidrya (andrey@ALEX-UA.COM)
Date: 08/27/98


> This is an interesting suggestion.  One of the main problems with this is
> that Circle 3.0 in beta mode is attempting stability(?).  A sweeping change
> that would require all the ACMD's to be rewritten would probably be slated
> for Circle 4.0 (or if we're emulating a Redmond company, Circle 3.5 =).

There is no need to rewrite everything at once... Just disable argument
parsing for all commands and convert (and test them) step by step.
It took me 3 days to fully convert Circle to new system and catch all bugs
that appeared.
And about stability... many bugs gone, because parsing is done by one bug-free
function, not 100 ACMDs.

  Andrey (
    aka Zmey // RMUD

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