Re: Uncrypting passwords

From: Brett Williams (OKJinx@AOL.COM)
Date: 08/27/98

!!Crypt function, and Decrypting!!

Ok. Unix Crypt and the Crypt used in Circle is 1-way, we've established that
point, yes? If you are wanting to decrypt it good luck cuz it is not possible.
It is like this. The password is gotten from the player, then encrypted and if
it matches the one in the pfile then its good. Never unencrypts... If you want
to find out a password without knowing it, this is what you do::

1)  Get a nice huge dictionary file of possible passwds. (I have an 8 meg one)
2)  Run each word from the dictionary file through Crypt and compare it to the
stored passwd
3)  Pray to hell on earth for it takes a while.

Ok I totally jumped into the middle of this conversation but its been spammed
all over the list for like 2 yrs now an I really jus wanna get it solved.


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