Re: More on mental endurance stat

From: Brett Williams (OKJinx@AOL.COM)
Date: 08/27/98

I've had ideas for morale, and other things which I've been thinking about
implementing but I can only think of a few effects::

1)  Fear
2)  Confusion

So I've decisted to make a whole new thing which will be great for all sorts
of fun, including herbs (which can be used to make poisons, smoked, injested,
etc) I call it "Sanity" heh, k sounds odd but I figured I'd add it in. Player
has a base sanity similar to thirst or whatever of 50, upon doing something
this goes up or down. Hallucinojenics bring it down, once it goes below 0, u
start to feel sedated, combat skills are reduced, u become sluggish, costs
twice movement to move around. Once it hits -75 Yer messed, u start seeing
things, perhaps just break out laughing and sit down in the middle of a fight,
lots of interesting things. I decided I'm going to make a pulse for this to
cause the affects, etc.

Thats just my thought on ME.


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