Limiting Multiplayers (and speaking languages)

From: d. hall (dhall@OOI.NET)
Date: 08/27/98

>>>>>> thus on Thu, 27 Aug 1998 15:04:09 -0400, Angus wrote:

> Just think of this, I used to mud with someone who multiplayed from
> windows on two different machine and the two chars would have
> conversations.  was VERY fun to watch an immort try to trip him up.

I only did that a couple times, and only during the middle of the night.
Due to the latency, it was possible to respond at once, and due to college
rules tintin had to be compiled every time we needed to use it.


Yes, the accursed person who first introduced me to irc, muds, and netrek
and caused my GPA to plummet... =)


Henrik Stuart <hstuart@GEOCITIES.COM> posted a while back about using
languages and drunk style speech (as found in Smaug code).  I've been
working on an obfuscate() function.  Unlike the drunkify functions which
randomly slur the words, or else just randomly scramble them, I believe a
word by word method would be better.  By using a hashing system on words,
and making sure the hashed value of the word passed a percentage test in
order to be understood.  This way saying the same words over and over in
different patterns would have the same words come out the same way.

Also I can see some people s e p a r a t e words like the previous in order
to get around a built-in language system.  One method was to check the
length of a word element, if the length was <2 to treat it against the
percentage directly so you had even a less of a chance of escaping the

Right now I'm testing out heuristics on commonly used words to get decent
constants to hash against.  Code hopefully to follow.


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