Re: Limiting Multiplayers..

From: Mort (bg214884@STMAIL.STAFFS.AC.UK)
Date: 08/28/98

>Any college or ISP unix server that isn't running identd is pretty much
>hosed by this.
>I'm not saying you can't run it, but a lot of college players tend to play
>from the same machine.  I firmly believe that any public access unix system
>should be running some form of identd.

The only problem with this is in the linux one there is a faily large bug
that lets you crash the server. (there might be a patch by now). I don't
know if this applies to other Unix o/s.

Also as far as I know there is not one avalible for VMS (which I have to
run though to get to the net) which unfortuatly is still used by alot of
universitys (well defently here in the UK).

As most of the machines at the my university are firewalled this means that
every one has to telnet thought the same box. So if you look at the
hostname is the same there are problems.

Also there is the small thing of socks 5 proxy which can be used by tiny
fugue and others this also responds with the same IP address.

My personal opinion is that the email address option is the best bet and
that is what we do on terminus. ( 4000).


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