From: Tony Robbins [Kupek] (tonyr@NWPACLINK.COM)
Date: 08/28/98

> ObCircle:
> Has anyone found a way to implement clan wars yet?  In a player command?

I haven't done it myself, but it would seem to require some PK system to
begin with.  For example, PK is explicitly disallowed except for people in

Murdering players not involved in a clan war makes it impossible to take
stuff from their corpse, get experience from the kill, etc.

During a clan war, the murdered player's corpse can be ransacked and maybe
a keepsake ear appears (Diablo-esque).  Perhaps it will make it so the
murdered player can't come back on for a while (a feature in Death's Gate
MUD, but for all deaths, I'd assume).

A person of clan A kills a person in clan B.
  The clan leader(s) of each receive mail from 'an anonymous spy' or
  something, informing them of the kill.
  This kill is handled as a non-clan war kill.
  The victimized clan can request something to prevent war.
"It's open season on all clan A guys."
  Clans A & B will now murder the other on sight..  Both clans, now at war,
  will die the special death.
  The special death allows for a kind of victory.  Let's say that clan B
  was weaker, but now the clan gangs up on B members, harvesting them one
  by one.  Since the murdered victims can't come back, and they lose their
  stuff, clan A's power increases AND clan B is weakened.
  Clan B kills all of Clan A, getting their stuff.  With the war over, the
  murdered ones can come back on and start rebuilding themselves.
  Clan B is now stronger, and Clan A needs work.
  Of course, in war, clan A could've just decimated clan B too.  Makes
  diplomacy a plus.

Doesn't seem too difficult to implement, but a lot of 'if's.


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