Re: Combat Postures

From: Richard deJong (winter@HOME.COM)
Date: 08/29/98

A mud I played a long time ago had combat posturing, they didn't call it
that, but it did exactly what you stated here, aggressive was +hit -AC, and
defensive was +AC -hit, with
neutral being normal.  Problem was they reversed it and when you had
aggressive set, you were really playing defensive.  Alot of people died
right after the fix, and we were all suddenly agressive :)  But all in all
it was a very cool command.


let's see..something interesting..i was thinking about combat, aggressive, defensive, neutral, etc..with different combat
bonuses for each..i have the postures themselves coded in, but i'm kind of
stuck on balancing out bonuses and penalties..i was thinking something
along the lines of a dam bonus and armor penalty for aggressive, with the
exact opposite for defensive..anyone have some thoughts about this sort of

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