[BPL12]Question about exp table change since bpl11 and earlier

From: TorynMUD Staff (toryn-mud@HOME.COM)
Date: 08/29/98

    Hey everyone, I'm working on some code that allows people to remort.

I took a look at Strom's Lost Lands code, which has what I think, is a
nice remort system.  However.... it was based upon bpl8.   As everyone
knows the exp/title tables changed in bpl12 (which I'm running).
So what I'm trying to do is get this line:
targe_xp = titles[(int) GET_CLASS_NUM_FULL(ch)][GET_LEVEL(ch) +1].exp;
to work with bpl12.... which no longer uses "titles"
I can't seem to figure out what I would put in its place in order to
obtain the same affect.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    -- TorynMUD Staff

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