Re: ASCII PFILES for BPL14 Plus some small things.

From: The Fractal Dimension Administration (fracdime@GEOCITIES.COM)
Date: 08/30/98

Thus spake George <greerga@CIRCLEMUD.ORG>:

> I had Sammy's ASCII pfiles v2 beta running on bpl13a withoutproblem.
> Nothing too major changed in bpl14...

Any bugfixes you'd like to provide for us "general public"?  :)

Points of contention:  I disabled diskio stuff when it would only
save to plr_index.tmp instead of copying the file over like it was
supposed to.  Plain FILE handling works fine.  I don't even like the
specs on the new playerwipe (wipe out the characters who never log on
again mod) mode, and if I try to use it it crashes.  I've since then
uninstalled that part.

Bugfixed the player stat (str, dex, ...) loading bug, and everyone
trying to use ASCII Pfiles 2.0b might want to search the past
archives because I'm not reposting that.

Bugfix for desc-saving:  Use strip_cr instead of kill_ems or whatever
it is now from utils.c ... it should have either came with OasisOLC.
Or if you don't use Oasis then from improved_edit patch... which is a
great help in Obuild <END PLUG> :)

That's all I remember for now... and I just want to say, Sammy, this
ASCII PFile version is _much_ better than the first one.  Now that
I'm freed from the constraints of char_file_u I don't have to worry
about huge arrays and converting to char []'s... like completed
quests from AutoQuest 1.2:  Where is that page?  Is the original
author still working on it?  I've got a few bones to pick with him.

AutoQuest bug:  qstat will not check to see if the quest-giver is
NULL (useful for a series of linked quests) and will therefore crash
the game when it uses GET_NAME(whatever) to display the name of the
questmaster.  Give it another test command to see if the mob exists
or not.

Hmmm... somehow when I added event-based regeneration for DG-events,
none of my logged-in chars regenerate.  Anyone have any ideas?  I did
it exactly by the patch.

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