Re: dumb question

From: Fili (cybom@NETROPOLIS.NET)
Date: 08/30/98

Ryan Gasper or Steven Arnold wrote:
>   Well, to bad. I sent that to you in email since I knew it was
> innapropriate to post it on the list. You are a lame code stealer, and now
> you have to deal with it.

Oh dear god not again. On behalf of the entire list, I beg you - do not
continue this thread! I started this thread once by doing the exact same
thing and it seems it had been discussed at least once before that by
someone saying the exact same thing about me. (suprizingly, only 2 posts
were about me, the rest were quite irrelevant)


This probably is a question that has an obvious answer, but as of yet it
eludes me. On my mud, we are trying to get it so that when you rent you
always load back where you rented from. As it is, I modified the do save
code around where it saves your location as your house if you quit in
your house, and made it so it saves you no matter where you are, but for
some reason it only loads you back if you quit fully out and disconnect.
Any ideas? I'm using bpl 11 code btw, if this has changed since then.


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