Re: XP and Saving throw formula.

From: Chuck Reed (master@I-55.COM)
Date: 08/30/98

>I haven't found any but my design MUD, and I personally like having 30
>levels.  The only reason you'd need a great deal of levels is if they were
>all rather meaningless.  Besides, making it just _ONE_ level away to get
>that kickass spell, but making it a tough level, is an incredible hook for
>players.  I've seen 100+ level MUDs where they take care of this
>successfully, but it's rare.

Yeah I agree.  However, if you stick to it and work your butt off, you can
make each level have an exciting hook, only you have 30 more (on mine) time
to look foreward to that.

>> -dak : Is 20,000 words too long for a love letter?!
>20,000 characters is too long for a love letter.

Dude, I think I'd have to say 20 seconds is too long for a love letter . .
. . .

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