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From: The Fractal Dimension Administration (fracdime@GEOCITIES.COM)
Date: 08/30/98

> Heh, that's exactly what I did . . . . and I endured my share of flames . .
> . . and I'm better for doing both.  It may not be the best way to go, but
> I'm not the king of money as I'm sure a lot of people aren't, and learning
> to code this way is a hell of a lot more promissing.  Of course, that's
> what college is supposed to be for, and they still feel it necessary to
> teach me pascal for a third semester . . . . . . hey, don't ask me.

I took a course in C++ programming right after I started working on
my copy of CircleMUD bpl11.  I was lucky:  most of the real early
newbie-type mistakes some people do make...  I got out flames-free on
those. :)

Anecdotes aside:  I did _not_ know how to code in C when I started...
all I knew was how to use notepad (MS-DOS Edit at the time) to create
a zone.  Ach... I think I may still have a copy of my old code
somewhere... anyone interested in seeing my old mistakes?

After I got pretty well-established with bpl12 I joined the mailing
list... and never regretted it since.

Hooray!  I'm upgrading ("downgrading" according to Windows 95)to
RedHat Linux 5.1!!!!

> >    If you cannot code in C, and you dont wanna get a 6000 page C book,
> >the least you can do is stare at code snippets for a while, and
> >experiment with them. The Mailing List is for "Assistance" in mistakes,
> >and problems in code.

Yikes.  I remember when I used to do that.  Fortunately I wasn't even
on the list then and all I had was my good buddy who knew a little
bit of how to write C.  Again I lucked out.

Eventually I did get the hang of it (right after I learned a bit of
C++ and then figured out what macros were -- those ACMDs and ASPELLs
and whatnot confused me for a good bit until I saw the defines in

Experimentation aside, staring at snippets and bugfixing them is also
good experience.  I say this to anyone who has ever sat through a
debugging session involving more than ten compilation errors that are
related only to a single bracket. :)

Ok... now for _my_ problems:

I use ASCII Pfiles and MSVC 5 debugger stops on me when circle loads
the first character (1st guy to log on and go through load_char).
Then if the MUD crashes I can't tell what happened (another reason
I'm going to "downgrade" to Linux).  Is there a way, though, of
getting rid of this error?
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