Re: [code] password retrieval

From: J. J. Hill (jjhill@UMICH.EDU)
Date: 08/31/98

If youre really sneaky you could copy the argument the player uses
at the Password: prompt in interpreter.c, nanny.  Of course that
would only give you the password of people who log on, but you
could edit your autorun to grep those out to a file in the /log
directory. That's really of no use though unless you are being
evil - muahhahahahaha!, i.e. -

 In nanny, interpreter.c :

      load_result = GET_BAD_PWS(d->character);
      GET_BAD_PWS(d->character) = 0;

   /* Show us the passwd entered at login.
      This is used to ensure that players are using
      a good passwd and nothing malicious. *grin*   */

      if ((GET_LEVEL(d->character) < LVL_IMPL) {
       sprintf(buf, "PASSWD for %s: %s", GET_NAME(d->character), arg);
       mudlog(buf, NRM, LVL_IMPL, FALSE);

 I'm trying to find a book on C socket handling, and I know that
 there are some recommended readings scattered throughout the docs
 and archives, but nothing can be found at my local university,
 and gives me Complex Socket Deformities (Advances in Opthalmic
 Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery), not exactly what I'm
 looking for.  So I was wondering if anyone knew of a book retailer
 that carried the aforementioned books.


PS. Note to the "other" Jeremy (Elson) - Where are the promised
copies of Gray??? They actually put the coke machines at my high
school in big iron cages after some school administrator was afraid
a student would get crushed.

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