Re: [OFFTOPIC] Idea for levels

From: Del Minturn (caminturn@EARTHLINK.NET)
Date: 08/31/98

Matt Roach wrote:
> Ok, I've been working a new way of writing thacO and stuff with my
> friends, and a new experince formula, I was wondering if anyone had any

Since I have been on the list, this topic has been talked about several
times. You might want to look at past posts.

> ideas that they might want to share.  Also I was wonder what do you think
> of perhaps a 200 level system and you gain a new another attack every say
> 20-40 levels, this is just an idea, wanted to see what people thought.
> Thanks for your time.

As for the attacks for every so many levels.. I think its a good idea. I
have part of it implemented. Just needs to be refined and a few bugs
worked out. I set it so you can give mobs a certain # of attacks. But
when I put the code in to check for mobs # of attacks, it gives players
the same amount of attacks. I will get it eventually. :) As for players,
with stock levels.. I have been on muds where some classes get a second
attack at level 20 and with SPECIAL items they get more attacks. (Those
items were well controlled!)
 I think a skill that is learned after the player reaches like age 30
they should get another attack or special abilities. Age does not play
too much of a roll, and if anyone has more idea's of what to do with
age, I would like to hear them too..
Maybe increase Int or Wis with age? +1 at 30, +1 at 40, or any other

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