Low levels dying

From: Del (caminturn@EARTHLINK.NET)
Date: 09/01/98

Recently someone posted an idea which I thought was kewl! I expanded on the
idea and came up with this:
If a low level fights and dies (less than level 6) instead of killing them
(create corpse and extract) it removes them from the room and places them at
temple, sets thier hp, mana, mv all to 0 and updates thier position to
Could you all take a look at this and see if there are any problems, possible
bad points to this for higher level characters grouped etc..

I already thought of the possibility of higher levels grouping and letting
the low level take the damage for a few hits, but I don't think that will
effect the fight too much. If a high level mob is being attacked, the low
level will a last maybe a round or two. Small advantage for higher levels.
Not that big of a deal.
If they try to attack a high level mob and return to the fight soon after, it
will be very difficult if thier stats are all set to 0. That's why I did
Any other thoughts on this?

in fight.c

void raw_kill(struct char_data * ch, struct char_data * killer)
+  extern sh_int r_mortal_start_room;

  if (FIGHTING(ch))

  while (ch->affected)
    affect_remove(ch, ch->affected);

  if (killer) {
    if (death_mtrigger(ch, killer))
  } else

+ if (GET_LEVEL(ch) <= 5) {
+/*  remove character from room and transport them to midgaard, keep all
thier stuff
+    and set thier hp, mana, mv to 0 */
+  GET_HIT(ch) = 0;
+  GET_MANA(ch) = 0;
+  GET_MOVE(ch) = 0;
+  char_from_room(ch);
+  char_to_room(ch, r_mortal_start_room);
+  send_to_char("\r\nIf I were you, I would be more careful on who and what
you kill.\r\n", ch);
+  send_to_char("Try to set your wimp level to avoid being killed (help
wimp).\r\n", ch);
+  update_pos(ch);
+  }
+ else
+ /* I didnt know how else to do two things on a else statement */
+ if (GET_LEVEL(ch) > 5) {
+ }

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