Re: Racial Themes (was Re: password retrieval)

From: Dan Argent (Daniel.2.ARGENT@SB.COM)
Date: 09/02/98

>One of my personal favorites is the humanoid-serpentine type races. I don't
>know a name for 'em that anyone would have heard of. I call them Drathi in my
>mud. They would have thin limbs and a long, almost snakelike body that forms
>into a tail. This would make them quite agile although not very strong, sorta
>lika like elves...

     I always thought that a member of this race was called a Naga.(plural
     Naga as well)  Or was that made up in recent fiction?
     Sort of big snakes with human heads - poss shape changing ability
     between human / snake/ half+half.
                Actually, although I have no plans to incorporate this into
     my MUD, - just out of interest, has anyone implemented shapechanging
     races that don't depend on spells, e.g. innate ability / command.?

     I suppose there is a question of advantages / disadvantages to the
     different forms.....


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