Re: Racial Themes (was Re: password retrieval)

From: Dan Argent (Daniel.2.ARGENT@SB.COM)
Date: 09/02/98

     >Note that this does not come from any Chinese mythology I ever heard
     >about. :)  Especially not Ching Dynasty's Forbidden City.  Hmmm...
     >making up stuff about cultures you don't know about is the surest way
     >of selling things, but it's not authentic to say the least.

     Well, I no expert, but this brings up another interesting point -

     Nearly all D&D style MUDs use creatures/races from western mythology.
     What about myhts from other parts of the world (american Indian,
     Fijian , Australia ... Russian???) , or even from history (Norse
     legends , Aztec gods....)
                                Has anyone got a world based upon, or
     including these?

     Yours, ever curious


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