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From: Daniel Koepke (dkoepke@CALIFORNIA.COM)
Date: 09/02/98

> For example, code snippets such as extra directions is NOT instability.
> It may be similarity in code, but the zones and mobs is what makes the
> world!

When did, "for example," become an acceptable way to prove a point?!
Okay, yes, that makes the *world*, but not the *game*.  The game is both
the code and the world.  The code has to support the world and vice versa.

> Other things like OLC, dg_scripts, and other online editing snips are
> similar on the admin side of the house, but has nothing to do with the
> player's side of the house. Soooo if you want originality there, go
> right ahead and reinvent the wheel! NOT ME..

Of course, you *CAN* conveniently forget stability when it hurts your
argument.  But word is that Oasis has improved leaps-and-bounds in that
arena since I last looked at it (a long time ago).

Aside from that point, "reinventing the wheel," is a cliche analogy that
is, IMHO, not really applicable.  (Note that there's a difference between
the evolution of the wheel [i.e., the move from wood and spokes] and the
complete redesign/reinvention of the wheel.)  There's damn near nothing
you can achieve by reinventing the wheel: it is, for all intents and
purposes, a circle.  OTOH, with code, especially something as complex as a
scripting language or OLC, there are at least an order of magnitude more
design decisions to be made.

> Originality in my oppinion is adding classes, skills, spells, worlds
> (mobs, objs, zones) That is where you get originality. Maybe some
> special scripting or coding for a zone/mob/obj or what ever.
> Most snippets are there for two reasons:

You completely ignore the basic mechanics of the game.  Who in the fvck
cares if you have a dozen classes and 200 spells (probably mostly
simplistic offensive spells) if your game, in the end, plays almost
exactly like every other one out there?!  That's *NOT* originality.
That's abiding by the doctorine that more is better, which has been
consistently disproved.

Originality is creating a unique gaming experience, and that is not
limited to just a new world, a Knight class, and a Paladin class.  The
superficial stuff receives a lot of attention from the players, but in the
end: If you don't have good, unique mechanics then you don't have players
to admire your pointless clone of the Warrior class.

> 1. To give you either the code your looking for.
> 2. To give you an idea of what to do for what you really want.

I don't think anyone is claiming that snippets have no place.  They can be
quite useful.  The problem is that a good deal of people (ab)using them
can't code worth a damn.  So when there's a problem with the MUD (and
there will be), they are stuck and lost.  I have plenty of first-hand
experience, here.

> Most people get thier idea's from others. "I saw it on so-n-so's mud. So
> I want that feature for my mud." There is nothing wrong with that or do
> you all think that is code stealing?

It doesn't even involve code.  There's a huge difference between taking
ideas and taking code.  You're correct, of course, but what this truism
has to do with anything anyone has said is beyond my comprehension.

> I have so many things I want added to my mud, and some of it I can not
> code (at this time due to the lack of coding knowledge).

Then you wait until you can code them or can, at the very least,
understand what in the Hell the snippets are doing.  This is the worst
reason for someone to use a snippet!  It's like saying, "Well, I can't
speak Spanish, but I do have this one phrase written down.  Now I'll go
to Mexico."

> Instability? NO..

Note to self: capitalizing for emphasis eliminates the need to provide
proof -- case is proof in and of itself.

> Similarity? (in which way?) Again I disagree..

How can you disagree with something when you don't even know what's being

> MOST SNIPPETS are some sort of admin code for immortal + for
> informational purposes or building zones.

Really?  Most?  Proof?  Or did you even bother to look?  I don't think so.
It certainly doesn't look that way to me.


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