Re: Fighting Stances

From: Dan Argent (Daniel.2.ARGENT@SB.COM)
Date: 09/03/98


     On the subject of fighting stances, firstly , thanks for the snip,
     but I'd like to know how these stances are used in your mud....

     I mean, is everyone able to get into these stances with a simple
     command. - do they have to be taught? and if so,

     *does the teaching include movements within that stance?*

     Simply moving into a fighting stance will do nothing for your dex or
     hitroll or whatever, if you fight exactly the same way in each, - and
     if you are learning an animal stance, with all the associated
     movements and forms, then you are almost learning a complete martial

     I'm going to put in different marital arts as combat skills, all with
     their own modifiers, and , if you don't mind, i'm gonna modify your
     snippet for that. But I do think stances is going too far, unless you
     are going to include thousands of them, and commands to do the moves

     I may just be being pedantic, but having each of the stances, as
     "animal fighting arts" would seem to make more sense to me.

     Feel free to ignore


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