Can't shut down the mud!

From: Jeannie Stauffer (zajawain@GEOCITIES.COM)
Date: 09/03/98

Please help... I'm a real Unix newbie, so the answer is probably
obvious to most of you, but I'm in a panic.

I was logged on the mud when the server hit a major packet of lag.
My connection timed out.  Now, the mud is still running, but I can't
log in to it, because my Implementor body is still there, and with
bpl14 I can't log in while I'm logged in.  Niether can any of the Imms
and other Imps, who were all logged in when this happened.

I tried creating a .killscript at the directory where the autorun lives,
but nothing is happening.  The mud is not closing down.

I have no way of logging in... no way of closing down... what do I
do???  Please, please help!

Thanks in advance...

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