Re: Avatar and decapitate code with graveyard

From: Del (caminturn@EARTHLINK.NET)
Date: 09/03/98

lets start with

I see about 19 or so as admin
and about 14 or so for players..

This is on the main page, not counting all the duplicate entries for
dgscripts, olc+

As for the other directories currently the server is giving errors to each of
the below, and ftp to I can not find any snippets directory
as George was so kind to list.

> Looks like a lot more skills, commands, and special procedures than Wizard
> stuff.  Utils is a mixed bag of assorted stuff, I think, so I'll leave it
> out.

Commands, I would bet atleast half are admin. Special procedures, for what? I
have not looked at the break down of each area.. in general I have only
looked at the entire list. And it seems to me that there are more admin code
snippets than there are codes that players have a direct use of. Spells,
clan, transportation, type of stuff.

Experience tables and thaco snippets (and similar ones to refine code, vice
add) I feel are more of an admin thing. If added the players will probably
not even know it has been messed with. (unless you change it by extreem

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