Re: Random Msg

From: Kieran Sobel (ReaperKS@AOL.COM)
Date: 09/03/98

In a message dated 9/3/98 4:00:38 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
realitymud@HOTMAIL.COM writes:

> I was wondering if anyone knew how to display random messages like my
>  example below.
In interpreter.c, around line 620:

  if (*cmd_info[cmd].command == '\n')
    send_to_char("Huh?!?\r\n", ch);

Replace this with something like:

  if (*cmd_info[cmd].command == '\n') {
    switch (number(1, 3)) {
      case 1: send_to_char("Huh?!?\r\n", ch); break;
      case 2: send_to_char("I think you typoed.\r\n", ch); break;
        case 3: send_to_char("Pardon?\r\n", ch); break;
      default: log("SYSERR: Unable to send typo message in interpreter.c");

Not sure if this will work, haven't tested it. If by some wierd twist of fate
it DOES work... well... good for me :).

- Kieran of Darkening Skies
        "Be careful what you laugh at, it might laugh back."
                                -- Sonia Lyris

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