Re: [OLC][MEDIT] mob max level

From: The Mookow (micron@NET.BLUEMOON.NET)
Date: 09/04/98

Here's my guess....
In structs.h, turn 'byte level;' to 'int level;' in both spots in the file.
That'll give you many levels to play with. :) I also think a '(byte)' or
something of the sort needs to be removed from act.wizard.c.

                Just my guess. Correct me if I''m wrong.
                    -Ryan Brown

>Ok, I got bored today so I was pissing around with medit.c and figured I'd
>set the max number of levels you could have to about 5000, but when I
>tried to make a mob over level 120 in medit, it goes to negitives, why?
>And yes I know there is prolly same lame little SIMPLE answer so please do
>not flame me telling me how stupid I am.

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