Re: byte vs ubyte

From: David Sun (wedget@MCI2000.COM)
Date: 09/04/98

Del Minturn wrote:
> What is the difference between the two?
> byte and ubyte that is..

> I am trying to add in some code and the pfile has spare ubytes.
> Can I use those for byte?
> (the book I have does not have ubyte in it)

your book doesn't have them because i think they're defined in
structs.h... check it out dude.

"The optimist sees the doughnut, the pessimist sees the hole."

char c[160],z;main(x,d){for/*/      -- Wedge --       /*/(x=159;x--
;c[x]=32);c[79]=z;c[39]=88/*/   /*/;for(d=31;x
=78,puts(c+z),d--;z=80-z)/*/   high school junior   /*/for(;--x;c[x
+80-z]=88-56*!(c[z-!0+x]/*/   mud and game coder   /*/-c[z+x+1]));}

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