[OLC+] New Release on the FTP Site...

From: Tony Robbins [Kupek] (tonyr@NWPACLINK.COM)
Date: 09/07/98

Welp, I got two bug reports this morning that I just had to fix, so
there'll be a new release on the CircleMUD site as soon as somebody moves

You'll want to pick up "olcplus-v2.1a-complete-package.tar.gz" if you want
to use OLC+.  This contains all the patches necessary to go from any OLC+
release from 2.0 up to v2.1a.

Fixed in this version:
  AEDIT/HEDIT permissions (now simply level based)
    * a flag based OLC trust setup may go into OLC+ 3.0 if/when I decide
      to release it.
  Copy/RLINK "You cannot edit this zone." bug
    * This bug was due to my limited comprehension of the real_zone()
      function.  In any case, if/when a new OLC+ comes out, my zone_number()
      function is going to be ditched in favor of real_zone().  I didn't
      check too hard, but I think that there might be some places where
      you're limited to 100 mobs/objs in a zone, even if the zone's top
      has been moved up.

  Tony Robbins, <tonyr@nwpaclink.com>
  LakeView Technologies, Inc.

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