Re: [OLC+] New Release on the FTP Site... & ObCircle

From: Tony Robbins [Kupek] (tonyr@NWPACLINK.COM)
Date: 09/07/98

On Mon, 7 Sep 1998, Jimmy Brians wrote:
> >> bel you on-line atm?->Pry :)
> Hey, um, thanks for wasting our time. Even if bel was online atm, i
> doubt he or she would waste every moment of their life reading the
> circlemud mailing list to see if someone cared. Plz stop wasting time on
> tha list.

First of all, I'm Bel.  The person wasn't wondering if I was online for no
purpose at all, we work on a MUD together and they thought they were
sending a private e-mail.

Now, the main part of this:
Alex Fletcher has always done a great job of policing the list (he's our
favorite fascist :P), and your help isn't needed.  Especially when you
have no clue.  It was an accident, and, had you read the rest of the
messages first, you would've seen that he then sent something relevant to
make up for the misunderstanding.
95% of the messages you've sent to the list have been policing messages,
telling people what to do.  If you've got a problem with a message, and
it's not relevant to everyone, don't post it to the list.

Let Alex do his job, and you can do yours.  And, you should've put an
ObCircle, like this...

There's a myth that among 'better builders' and builders as a whole, that
a command line interface for OLC is preferred over the menu.  The speed
factor is obvious, but has anybody seen a quality difference?  I'm asking
this because I've just finished commandline interfaces to Oasis for
objects, mobiles, and rooms, and I'm curious as to whether the fabled time
and quality difference actually exists.


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