Re: Object Min Level/oedit

From: Carlo Mocci (mocci@TIN.IT)
Date: 09/07/98

I don't know if a snippet exists, but you can easily add that to your code:

a) Add an int (or shint) minlev to struct obj_data
b) Change db.c so that you can load obj files with the new number in it
(you could do that in this way... if the minlev is present use it, else use 0)
c) Add a command to OasisOlc, it's fairly easy, just copy from another
existing command (you just need to insert a value... the minlev).
d) Change your code to act accordingly, handler.c objsave.c for equipment
things, if you want you could check minlev also for take, buy, steal, etc.

Hope this helps

At 16.59 07/09/98 PDT, you wrote:
>Hello list. :)
>  I'm just wondering if anyone can direct me to a snippet with the code
>for adding object min levels.  I have looked over the code and I see how
>to do it, but I don't know how to do it AND make it so you can change
>them in OasisOLC's OEdit.  If anyone wants to give me some help I will
>appreciate it.  For the meantime I'll mangle the code and see what I
>come up with.
>  Thanx in advance.

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