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From: Kieran Sobel (ReaperKS@AOL.COM)
Date: 09/07/98

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> What's people's thoughts of restricting / eliminating recall?  Ive been
>  designing my mud with more of a RP slant than most (circle & RP togther is
>  whole different discussion..=:)..) and Ive considered changing the whole
>  traditional "I'll find may there somehow and recall back" theory.  Of
>  course, it requires above average, consistent world design, fairly
>  players..etc.. but I can always hope..=:)

I am having the same problem at the moment.  An idea sprang to my mind the
other day.  For every, lets say 15 (depends on your level system), levels you
get, you get a 'link'. This link is merely the vnum of a room stored in the
pfile. When a player is granted a new link, they may place it anywhere in the
world. Links can be moved at will. Then they can 'shift' to that link. Links
can be moved at will. If a player has 3 links (level 45), then they could
"shift 1", or "shift 3". The catch to the player is that they have to go to
the room before placing a link, requiring them to explore at least a little.

There are HUGE problems with this idea that I am slowly but surely uncovering.
The main one is that players would probably restrict themselves to the places
they have links to. Perhaps I can implement a system so you get less
experience everytime you kill a mob?
Or maybe grant them only ONE link, and restrict that link to only certain
places (phouses, clan halls, temples, etc). I dunno. I just thought I'd run
the idea by y'all and hope that out of the 500 people on the list a few would
give me their opinions.

- Kieran of Darkening Skies
        "Be careful what you laugh at, it might laugh back."
                        -- Sonia Lyris

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