[ADMIN] password retrieval

From: Chuck (master@I-55.COM)
Date: 09/08/98

>You people are sick. There is no need to see someone's password except
>to try to use it to get into their other accounts on some other mud or
>some online service of theirs. C'mon stop trying to steal people's
>passwords. This is truly pathetic, and i joined this mailing list
>because i thought i'd see people talking about circlemud, not how to
>become so-called "hackers" and steal people's passwords. Grow up and
>take it elsewere, please.

A) You assume I'm trying to hack people, so you've lost all respectabilty
in my eyes as your first assumption was wrong.

B) A good way to use this is that people often have more than one
character.  I log and keep in a file the last 5 passwords a character has
used.  This makes validating players who have honestly lost passwords
easier.  For instance, you can ask them some things they have used before,
you can check their other character's pwords against this char's and see if
any match, this usually tells you it's the same guy.

Now, think before you say that there are no GOOD uses for this.  If you
think I'm a crackpot and I'm trying to hack your other accounts, hey, don't
come to my mud.  I give a warning that any new password created is going to
be logged and that it will be accessible to me.  If someone still uses an
IMPORTANT password of their's and I decide to go crack their account, well
then we're both stupid.


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