From: Jimmy Brians (f_t_p_7_7_7@HOTMAIL.COM)
Date: 09/09/98

<< ObCircle: Anyone ever thought of opening up a MUD run on Circle which
run like ashowroom, where people can look at various ways of creating
their MUD. Therecould be ANSI drawn areas, areas which show the use of
DG Events
etc. etc.,and rooms where you can have discussions related to Circle. It
would be acomplete social MUD, with no roleplaying or monsters at all.
Then peoplecould 'try before they download', so to speak. Just an idea.

That sounds kewl, but also might want to give people the option to
choose their level (like testing out different things at different
levels), and seeing as how the purpose is just a showroom, level isnt
important and could be compromised.

ObPreviousMessageFromList: I'm sorry if i offended any of you by saying
that you were trying to hack into ppls accounts, but there is no good
valid reason for wanting someones password. With thousands of circlemuds
out there, many of which are not in development or have been put
together in 5 seconds, saying that all muds have responsible
implementors who are trustworthy with your password is kind of untrue,
seeing as how anyone can download a stock circle in 10 mins, get a free
domain name, and act like a great imp. Sorry if i offended you, but I
live in nyc where my motto is trust no-one. If you are too childish to
talking like a human, instead of acting like a baby and yelling and
insulting me for speaking my mind, then i think you should think about
what that says about you.


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