Re: coder needed

From: Del Minturn (caminturn@EARTHLINK.NET)
Date: 09/09/98

Brandon Brown wrote:
> Ohohoh... back to the politeness again ;)

Are we not the greatest on politeness? Maybe you could have saved that
for personal mail vice spamming the list?

> Basically, if you want a good MUD, perfect to your expectations and likewise,
> code it yourself.  That's the only way you're truly going to get exactly the
> way you want it.
> Hmm, and I quote from Dan Gookin, a writer of a few C coding books... "Only a
> dweeb would say, 'I know everything [or, I can code very well, As Cypath put
> it] about programming in C'.  There are new things to be learned every day..."
> Just my thoughts,

Narrow minded thoughts, maybe some people do not have that great of
knowledge of code. Some may not be as creative as others. There is
always advantages (and disadvantages) from having more than one coder.
If one person made all the decisions, who says it will be a good mud?
With two or more people involved and if they get along with each other,
the two can come up with many more idea's and/or ways to do things.

From experience this way seems to work better than others. There are
three of us having input to how our mud will be designed, I have no
heartaches if one of my idea's are turned down by the others. I am sure
they feel the same. Coding it falls on me, but I will listen to them as
to what they think.

Everyone has thier own oppinions on how to run a mud, and mine is that
the IMP(s) and coder(s) does not have to be the same people. If you
don't plan on helping this person, then don't. Please spare us the
lectures on how someone should learn to code (even if they know how and
need someone to help for what ever reasons, like work/school restraints
that keep them from coding).

I am sure there are people out there that can not or do not have a mud,
but would like to get thier hands into one.

Oh.. and on another note,

This obcircle stuff is for the birds!
Some topics such as this which have had many responses, I think it is
totally useless for someone to add in a obcircle at the bottom. After
about the 10th or so post on this type of subject (one that doesn't seem
to end) I start hitting the delete key. Those who put in obcircle would
get very little response, not to mention the fact that the subject line
is usually never ammended to let people know that there is a second
topic within.

I guess that was my obcircle.. hehehehe

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