[OCL2+][DG-SCRIPTS] The 'command' trigger ... a bug ?

From: Yohay Etsion (yohay_e@NETVISION.NET.IL)
Date: 09/10/98

Greetings everyone ,

I have aproblem with the 'command' type
Info : I am using bpl14 + OLC2+ in WIN95
       using MSVC5.

Now to the problem :
Maybe I'm using the 'command' trigger all
wrong , but I don't think it works properly.
I define a command trigger , but when I type
he command in the MUD , it just says 'Hah ?'
and that's it.
For example , when I attach trigger number 6
(that comes with the stock) to a mob and type
'test' near the mob , it just 'Hah ?' me ...

Am I using it all wrong ? Is it a bug ?
Any suggestions ?


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