Re: [Senseless Drivel] CODER NEEDED (Response w/obcircle)

From: Jimmy Brians (f_t_p_7_7_7@HOTMAIL.COM)
Date: 09/10/98

>Where can you get a free domain name?

>Sorry if this offends you, but living in a "trust no-one" society
>sucks. However, anyone that uses the same password on multiple muds
>deserves whatever happens as a direct result.
True, and while i do use fake passwords on muds that i am just trying,
like 12345 and such, I do feel sorry for the person that doesnt, or
forgets to do that, or trusts someone and becomes yet another victim.

>Particularly in making comments like the above, one should makethat
>extra effort to double check spelling and verbage. Furthermore,I
>I saw anyone yelling at you nor insulting you. (Perhaps I
>If you cannot handle opposing opinions then perhaps NYC is notthe
>place for you to live.

No, i have no problem at all with opposing opinions, but I dont think
mindless arguing from people that glance at a post and dont fully read
it and take a moment to think about it are deserved. And yes, i know
spelling is helpful in making a good impression, and yes I made 2 typos,
and probably a few in this message alone, but I'm not the best speller
in the world, and I'm sorry, but critisizing simple spelling isnt that

I'm not trying to argue with you or make trouble, just speaking my

Yes, theres been talk about requesting coders and people arguing on both
sides endlessly, so heres my opinion: I agree with everyone, for some
muds it makes sense to have just one coder doing all the work, because
there will be less trouble and conflicts with code changes, and for
others multiple coders would work better, however I do think that the
imp (if there are many, then the head imp) should be a coder, even if he
or she only codes for a half hour a day. Just the knowledge of c can
make a world of difference, especially if theres a crisis and something
happens to the mud. Well, thats all for now, hope i didnt offend one of
the hundreds of people, just waiting to critisize me.... :)

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