[BPL14][Newbie] Gmaster

From: Scorn (scorn@RMI.NET)
Date: 09/11/98

ok i added the Gmaster patch from the ftp the one that lets you set the
skills spells and charges like a shopkeeper.  I got 4 errors when compiling
all said virtual not a member blah blah in gedit.c and guild.c so i changed
those too vnum and it compiled with no errors(is that ok). Now my only
problem is this.  I can edit them just fine i get done i type gm save 30 to
save the guilds in zone 30 all is well until i reboot then i get error in
guild #3020.  then i replace that one and i get #3021 etc etc...so it is
obvious to me that it has to be in the gedit_save part.  But i cant find
it.  Has anyone else had these problems?

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