[NEWBIE] [Offtopic] A HTTP webserver.

From: Jeffrey Margolis (COOL20@AOL.COM)
Date: 09/14/98

Hello the other day while i was fooling around on the web i started to think
about web pages and how they offer a great look into our muds for prospective
players.  Also i have noticed that many people like haveing information such
as there who list and other stuff like that on there web page.  Well back to
my question.  I was wondering has anyone ever put a HTTP server into there
mud?  like so that you could have a user log into the web site to get some
quick info that is for there eyes only with out having to log on?  Well if it
hasnt i would really like to try and was wondering if some one could point me
in the right direction such as.  well the basics of how to code a http server,
but anything would help.  I dont know if this is possible(with my coding
experiences) or if it is just wishfull thinking.
Well i hope to hear from you all soon. Thanks in advance.

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