Re: [Off-Topic] Number of Coders for a MUD

From: Kieran Sobel (ReaperKS@AOL.COM)
Date: 09/16/98

        I think that the thing that makes a game a good game is the worlds. Coding is
great, but not as important as the worlds (don't flame me for that). The
saddest thing is when I connect to a "Modified CircleMUD 3.0" mud and find the
smurf village without even stopping to look at the directions. Its even sadder
when people change the exits around and boast original zones.
        There was a Mud that has long since been taken down that was a perfect
example. Not that much real complicated coding, but every zone had been hand
made, and almost every Mob had a special procedure. It was amazing.

Anyway.. I'll stop my ramblings and let you get on with more important

- Kieran of Darkening Skies
        "Be careful what you laugh at, it might laugh back."
                        -- Sonia Lyris

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