Re: [Off-Topic] Number of Coders for a MUD

From: Marc Gale (MARC@BGC.AC.UK)
Date: 09/17/98

> Not that anybody cares, and yes this is quite off topic, but I'd figure
> somebody might read it.

Most of us should read it, but only a few will take note :o)

> Is it me? Or has the amount of stock circlemuds just reached an alarming
> new rate? I have seen everything, from plain old circleMUD 3.0 BPL 14s.
> They are a load of stock, yet the owners feel that their mud is the
> best. To top it off, I've seen soooo many that violate the CircleMUD and
> DikuMUD license.

It's not just you.  It *is* an alarming fact, but then hardly
surprising.  Folks play a MUD and get the itch and urge to have their
very own.  To start off with, they will get the stock code that is
freely available, bung a few patches in, and open it up to friends
and public, sticking a pretty ASCII title page on the front.

After a while though, some people will discover that it really is
pure stock and get bored.  With no development the MUD will stagnate.
 Players will point this out and one of two things will happen.

1. The MUD admin will ignore this and carry on regardless.  A few
months later the MUD will die.

2. The MUD admin will listen, and take steps to modify the MUD,
tailoring it to their players.

> I don't mean to complain, but I think that the amount of people that are
> opening these stock MUDs is too high. Something _has_ to be done about
> it. What a waste of bandwidth.

It is only a waste of bandwidth if only the immortals log on and mess
around.  If a few players connect, play the game and thoroughly enjoy
themselves, the bandwidth is not wasted.  Bear in mind, that even as
stock, Circle is very playable.

> This is not meant to be a flame, and don't get me wrong. There are some
> really good circlemuds out there. I just think that all these stock muds
> are terrible. Mr. Elson, Mr. Greer, and all the people who made
> CircleMUD a sucess, deserve better, then having all these people running
> around with stock code, saying that they made the mud themselves.

Hmm, one opinion here would be to say that, if someone takes Circle
stock and cannot think about how to improve it (okay, so they are
wallies with no imagination), Jeremy and George can be praised for
their achievement.

> Maybe Jeremy should put in a few bugs that you actually have to fix to
> compile?

Eek! No, if this happened, then the real MUD community would have to
discover the bugs, they couldn't be documented (defeats the purpose),
and the mailing lists would be full of 'I found a bug...', 'Is jeremy
really that bad, missing these bugs', etc.  All that this would serve
would be to bring the Circle reputation down as a very bad code base,
and likewise ruin Jeremy and Georges rep.

> I just finished my 'bathroom' code. Now in addition to messages about
> hunger and thirst, you have messages about taking a piss and poop. Only
> rooms with a bathroom flag are you allowed to take a piss/poop in. And
> it actually creates the items on the ground!
> Sick eh?
I have the same thing on my MUD.  Except we do not create the items.
Also, the system is optional (some players won't like it, find it
disgusting, and leave the MUD), by default it is turned off, but any
immortal can turn it on for you.


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